December 8, 2022

Graphene. A wonder-material that’s fabricated from a mere sheet of carbon molecules, but is stronger than steel, more conductive than copper, and has applications in electronics, biomedicals, aerospace, and even in warfare. You wouldn’t expect it to also be the perfect material to make blankets, but here we are. Meet HILU, a unique blanket that’s made from actual woven graphene fibers with the exclusive Adaptex Technology. It has the unique ability to thermoregulate you while you sleep, giving you warmth in the winters and keeping you cool in the summers. It’s soft, but stronger than steel, while also being hypoallergenic, naturally anti-bacterial, and eco friendly.

Designer: HILU Design

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HILU graphene-made blanket adjusts to your body temperature so you can sleep all night comfortably, regardless the season.

The genesis of the HILU reminds me of the birth of the internet. The internet was invented by DARPA as a military venture to bring computing to the front lines. The internet today has evolved to connect humans across the globe, allowing them to share everything from information to cat videos. The creators of the internet clearly didn’t see their technology having this many uses, but turns out it did. The same holds true for graphene and the HILU blanket. Designed to be the world’s first graphene-based thermoregulating blanket, HILU keeps you warm or cold depending on how you feel… it can even thermoregulate both parts of a bed independently, keeping one half cool and another warm based on the users’ preferences!

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It all starts with HILU’s fabric construction, which is made from pure graphene fiber. The makers first dissolve graphite into liquid graphene crystals through a proprietary wet spinning process. The liquid crystals are then dried to create graphene fibers, and woven together with Adaptex technology to create a blanket that possesses the ability to react to one’s body temperature and thermoregulate accordingly. Designed to be soft, comfortable, and OEKO-TEX100 certified, HILU replaces your traditional cotton blanket or duvet, providing an alternative material that’s so advanced it’s even used in microchips.

Made of genuine graphene fibers, HILU blankets are the strongest and most durable in the market.

Ultimately, the world’s first pure graphene blanket makes a pretty bold promise – to ensure you sleep perfectly and peacefully regardless of how cold or hot you’re feeling. If you’re the kind to fight with your partner about what temperature to set the thermostat or AC at, the HILU was clearly designed for you. If you wake up with hot flashes and cold sweats, HILU just regulates itself based on your body temperature to ensure you’re comfortable in the hot weather or even the cold. During the summer, it absorbs and dissipates heat within the fiber, ensuring you don’t end up sweating at all, and the HILU’s anti-bacterial nature means you don’t have to worry about washing the blanket every couple of weeks (although maybe you just should… we don’t want to reward bad behavior here!)

Each HILU comes with a staggering 10-year warranty, and ships in both Queen and King bed sizes. Although the graphene fibers only come in the standard satin gray finish, the HILU offers three different stitch-color options (gray, blue, yellow), and you can even add a memory foam eye mask (or two) to your pledge!

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Click Here to Buy Now: $175 $300 ($125 off). Hurry, Halloween Special, only 2/85 left!