May 31, 2023

Air conditioners are great except for their most obvious limitation. They’re static. Whether it’s in your house, in your office, in a mall, or in your car, the AC stays right where it is. It doesn’t move with you from space to space, or room to room, and when you step outside, your body has to deal with a sudden blast of heat from the outdoors. Conventional ACs aren’t designed to be wearable… yet, but that hasn’t stopped companies like Dyson and Sony from experimenting with body-worn cooling devices. Leading that charge, with a US patent as well as a Red Dot Product Design Award and iF Design Award, is the Coolify 2S from Torras. Styled like a slim version of your travel neck pillow, the Coolify 2S is a horseshoe-shaped appliance that sits around your neck and uses a combination of cooling plates as well as targeted airflow to cool you down by 30°F in under a second. Going above and beyond those neck-worn fans that only generate a breeze, the Coolify 2S actually cools you down like an air conditioner… but in a lightweight, sleek, wearable form factor.

Designer: Deng Xiao Yong (Eddy)

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‘Iconic Cooling’, is what Torras calls the technology within its Coolify 2S device. While most neck-worn coolers just use a combination of a fan, water vapor, or cooling agents like peppermint essential oils (that’s what the blö device from 2018 uses). The Coolify 2S actually has a miniature refrigerator built into it. Relying on a set of cooling plates powered by a semiconductor and a HyperVortex air-flow system, the device actually cools you down like an air conditioner would.

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You could wear the Coolify 2S in the heat, or while working out, trekking, or even on outdoor shoots. The Coolify 2S even works remarkably well indoors, letting you cool yourself without needing to sit right under the air conditioner, with a smartphone app that lets you control your neck-worn AC’s temperature. You can toggle its fan settings, as well as choose the intensity of the cooling plates (they apparently have a heating function too) right through the app, while the Coolify 2S device works on a sizeable 5000mAh battery to cool you for up to 11 hours when used on its highest setting.

The Coolify 2S also has another understated advantage over an actual air conditioner. Sure, it’s portable, and can be worn everywhere you go… but more importantly, it’s a personal cooler, rather than a space cooler. That effectively means you get to control your own personal settings without it having to affect anyone else. Instead of fighting for the AC remote because one person’s sweating and the other person’s freezing, the Coolify 2S takes an ‘each to their own’ approach, giving the wearer absolute autonomy, with three levels of cooling to choose from.

The technology’s impressive for sure, but you don’t land 2 major design awards unless your product looks as cool as it behaves. The Coolify 2S is made to look incredibly sleek and feel ergonomic and lightweight around your neck. The wearable sits fairly securely on your person, letting you do things like work, walk, or even exercise with it on, and lets you adjust its angle from anywhere between 0° to 160° for that extra bit of custom comfort. Each Coolify 2S also ships with a pretty remarkable-looking donut-shaped soft-shell case for carrying around, and an 18W charger that juices your wearable AC from 0 to 100 in under 2 hours.

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Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $299 ($100 off total with coupon code “YANKOCOOL”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!