May 31, 2023

The great outdoors is often synonymous with struggle. The idea of going camping or trekking isn’t just to admire the beauty of nature, but to also leave behind the comforts of your cushy home and lifestyle and brave the elements. Eat fruits directly off trees, hunt for fish, sit on a tree stump, live the way our ancestors lived. Human ingenuity, however, strives to make the experience better. Power stations help us carry electricity to the outdoors, tactical EDC helps us service in life-threatening situations, and chairs like the Foldable Lander make sitting much more comfortable in the outdoors. Designed to be compact and lightweight, the Foldable Lander measures a little over 13 inches in length when closed and weighs 2.8 lbs. Open it up, however, and it transforms into a comfortable chair with a backrest, capable of taking up to 100x its weight.

Designer: Yunonglive Studio

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Instantly deploys.

The Foldable Lander’s design bases itself on the principles of origami and the design of the Moon Lander’s four-legged landing mechanism. The concept features legs folded by a ratchet-like mechanism with gear synchronization that can be combined to create flexibility with solid support, which can be folded repeatedly without losing the shape. The chair consists of a lightweight but durable metal frame, onto which sits a fabric seat that stretches taut like a hammock. The Foldable Lander comes in two styles – a seat with a backrest, and an ottoman-style stool that also works as a footrest in conjunction with the seat. Both variants of the Foldable Lander are designed to be ultra-lightweight and portable, folding down to the size of a large umbrella so you can carry them anywhere, and opening up in just under 5 seconds so you can make yourself comfortable wherever you are, whether it’s a beach, your balcony, or a campsite.

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Designed to be much more convenient than any of the other foldable chairs you’d be hauling in the back of your pickup truck, the Foldable Lander is compact enough to strap to your backpack and weighs less than a 6-pack of beer. When deployed, you get the benefit of a perfectly comfortable, adjustable ergonomic chair/stool that feels a lot better to sit on than that tree stump I mentioned earlier.

The chair’s design features a frame made from anodized aluminum, making it strong yet lightweight, with stainless steel hinges and fixtures for extra durability. The frame opens and closes like a camera tripod, albeit with four legs with extendable arms that hold the four corners of the fabric seat. The fabric seat itself is made from a durable 900D Oxford Fabric with PVC waterproof backing. The edges are machine-embroidered with Yunonglive studio’s artistic pattern, and a strap on the side that helps keep your chair or table/ottoman sealed much like the strap on a folding umbrella.

What really makes the Foldable Lander our pick for the best outdoor furniture is really a combination of factors and features. Good furniture must be steady and comfortable. Good OUTDOOR furniture needs to also be lightweight, easy to use/carry, and withstand the elements… The Foldable Lander pretty successfully ticks all those boxes. The waterproofed fabric on the seat resists bad weather as well as dropped food/liquids and other stains, while the aluminum frame is non-corrosive, making the Foldable Lander suitable for the rainy season or damp outdoor conditions. That being said, the chair and ottoman can be comfortably used indoors too. The taut fabric seat provides a hammock-like comfort that contours to your body, and silicone feet at the bottom of the four legs prevent skidding or leaving marks on your apartment/office/balcony floor. Your cat/dog may enjoy lounging on it too!

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The Foldable Lander comes in two varieties – the chair and the ottoman, across two colors – olive green, and off-white. The entire chair’s made from materials that are either fully recyclable or fully biodegradable, including even the paper box it comes packaged in. Grab the Foldable Lander for a special discounted price of $69, with worldwide shipping as early as July 2023.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $99 (30% off). Hurry, only 5/350 left!